Friday, 30 April 2010

Which renewable energy post got your 'vote' during April?

Thankfully, the Prime Minister and his opponents gave me the perfect idea for the headline to this months eagerly awaited round up of blog posts here at Solar Panel Quoter - The Blog.

An what another cracking month it's been, during which the whole look, feel and functionality of our blog was updated / revamped / re-designed to be even more reader friendly.

Anyway, I digress. Which headline got your vote this month? Which story did you Tweet? What article got you reaching for the 'share this' button? (Do drop a comment and tell us).

This month's 'best photo illustration' award goes to this picture which accompanied our post on using solar hot water panels incentives.

This month's stories:

Badgers most at risk from wind turbine blades

Petrol or diesel? What should your next car run on?

It's an ill wind that blows

Offshore wind farm story reminds me of holidays in Norfolk

Tringa-ling! Eco tricycle for the green commuter on 3 wheels

British Gas jumps the gun on smart meters

Britain is an attractive place to live - from a renewable energy point of view

Wales has the renewable potential

The 1st of April came and went

When the clocks went forward

Wind turbine factories in the UK will create thousands of jobs

Solar Panels Information - where do you look first?

Photovoltaic cells - solar panels that generate electricity

Solar Hot Water Heating Panels - need a little incentive?

Electricity from solar panels - how excited will you get?

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines - the latest information right here

Joe (public) versus the Volcano - how will volcanic ash disrupt solar panels

Home improvements with a little energy saving in mind

Solar roof panels - will I need planning permission?

Domestic solar panels - renewable energy for the home

Solar panels - swimming pools

Looking for a solar panel installer - we can help

Organic produce has a tough time

How much does the solar energy industry rely on incentives and tariffs?

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