Friday, 2 July 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot - June 2010 - Monthly Blog Post Round-up

June was a 'cracker' of a month (weather wise) but not so good for the footy fans. There was lots happening on the renewable energy front though. Solar, wind and hydro energy all got a mention.

So lets cheer ourselves up with our completely expected round up of posts in June, plus we'll reveal our favourite photo illustration of the month at the bottom of our round up - (just to be different.... Ok Ok a shameless attempt to get you to scroll to the bottom of this post - at least we're honest!).

Which story provided you with a little ray of sunshine during May?

Climate sceptics find little to cheer about.

How to install solar panels yourself.

Replacing an old central heating boiler? Now may be the time to add a solar hot water system.

World Cup an excuse for just televising the laundry?

Solar energy is all around us.

Renewables - it's still all about the money.

Five-fold increase in demand for photovoltaic solar panels predicted.

Gulf oil disaster sets peoples minds to renewable energy.

England flags on cars affect mpg by 3 to 6 miles per gallon.

Welly good idea - phone & mp3 charging for Glastonbury.

New iPhone4 launch - how good are portable solar chargers?

Nottingham bids to become greenest city.

U.S.A ranks fourth in solar electric capacity.

Wind farm scuppers plans for island airport.

Washing your car the eco-friendly way.

Can solar hot water systems be prone to Legionnaires disease?

Legionnaires disease in solar hot water systems - part 2.

Swapping batteries for boiled potatoes.

But the sun never shines at Glastonbury.

After the party.

Drop in hydro power generation for first quarter of 2010 announced.

Are the Arabs running out of oil?

And our favourite photo illustration this month goes to foxtongue for their picture of some crazy high-wire balancing act involving 3 blokes and a motorbike, high above a city. Making my palms sweat just looking at the picture.

It was used to illustrate the 3rd June post on: How to install solar panels yourself.

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